Christian Cardell Corbet, sculptor, painter, forensic artist, ceramicist, historian, patron (b. at  Pickering Beach, Ontario, Canada. 31 January 1966 – present). A prolific and important  contemporary artist in Canada, he is preoccupied with texture, design, bold colours and the  study of tangible space. His paintings can be highly subjective. His mentors included Dr. Elizabeth Bradford Holbrook, CM and anthropologist Dr. Andrew Nelson. He is largely self taught and studied at the University of Guelph. His development is characterized by constant  self-renewal and by an awareness of his own mortality which is often reflected in his portraiture.  His ceramic work is largely figurative expressing the human body and condition; chiefly sexuality and sensuality and often with the message of self-exploration and non-binary subjects. His portrait Elizabeth Holding Her Ribbon (1995) received international popularity after it was  acquired by HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.

In 1997 Corbet founded and was elected  the first president of the Canadian Portrait Academy (CPA); the first institution of its kind in  Canadian history. In 2003 he was the first person to create a forensic facial reconstruction  based on CT and laser scans. In the same year he received the title of Forensic Artist for the  University of Western Ontario. In his forensic work he has also helped to identify a WWI Irish born Canadian soldier. He was granted the honorific title of Sculptor in Residence to the Royal  Canadian Navy in 2013 and Regimental Sculptor to The Royal Canadian Regiment in 2014,  both of which were firsts for the respective institutions.

He was the first North American artist to  sculpt a portrait of a British Royal Consort from life in Buckingham Palace that being HRH The  Prince Philip. He was awarded the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal and a grant of  armourial bearings in 2012. His art works have been collected by over 100 art galleries,  museums, and institutions worldwide many of which he was the first Canadian to be inducted  into the collection. He is considered an authority by the National Gallery of Canada. Christian  Cardell Corbet’s career is cited in Canadian Who’s Who among numerous other publications worldwide.

My work explores the use of earth’s natural materials in the form of clay and in its combined use with water to create ceramics. Forms are wheel thrown and hand built creating a natural ‘canvas’ to help  illustrate a message of greater awareness and education of the LGBTQ + community to a broader world. 

Ceramic forms in stoneware and porcelain, are pierced and bent to help convey the abstraction of the  human form. Images thereon are glaze painted as each form speaks to me. Subjects appear  spontaneously allowing the use of my subconscious as a major contributor to each work of art. 

The subjects are often gender fluid and express a sense of uniqueness and sensuality. Messages of loss  and gain are suggested and often feature the struggle for the acceptance ultimately finding triumph!  Subject expressions are varied and sometimes bodies entangled showing the fragility of life and the  need for human acceptance. Other forms are alone showing the need for independence and  uniqueness. This I call my ONE WORLD series.

Abbreviated curriculum vitae 


2003-2013 Western University under Dr. Andrew Nelson forensic facial reconstruction. 

1996-2009 Mentorship under Dr. Elizabeth Bradford Holbrook CM, OONT, RCA, SSC, FOCAD, CPA, CGAM (1913-2009). 1996 McMaster University, human anatomy.” 

1992 University of Guelph. 


2016 “Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia J.A.D. McCurdy”, Government House Nova Scotia. 2015 “Royal Portrait HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh KG KT”, Yellow Drawing Room, Buckingham Palace, UK. 2013 “The Royal Canadian Regiment Official Unveiling of HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, KG, KT Portrait Bust,  Canada House, London, UK. Unveilings and remarks by HRH The Duke of Kent and the Canadian High Commissioner. 2010-15 “Royal Canadian Navy”, various notable naval subjects, HMCS Bytown, Ottawa, ON. 

2009 “The Rt. Hon. The Countess Mountbatten of Burma, CBE, MSC, CD, JP, DL, London, UK. 1997 “Princess of Wales”, Roundhouse Gallery, BC. 

1995 “Elizabeth Holding Her Ribbon”, Clarence House. London, UK. 


2013 “The Royal Canadian Regiment Official Unveiling of HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, KG, KT Portrait Bust,  Canada House, London, UK.  

2012 Official Unveiling of Commander Adelaide Sinclair Portrait Bust” – WRCNS Exhibition, Naval Museum, Halifax, NS. 2011 “Sir Isaac Brock – Forensic Facial Reconstruction Drawings”, Brock University, James A. Gibson Library, ON. 2011 “Forensic Facial Reconstruction of Pte. Thomas Lawless, WWI Soldier – Avion I Project”, Gallipoli Armoury, NL. 2009 “Elements of Guernsey – Recent Works by Christian Corbet”, Priaulx Library, Guernsey, CI. 2008 “Grenfell Gala Anniversary & Exhibition” – Grenfell Interpretation Centre, St. Anthony, NL. 2007 “Visual Poetry – The Art of Christian Corbet” S. Michel du Valle Church, Vale, Guernsey, CI. 2004 “Cleo the Chatham Mummy” – Permanent display of facial reconstruction, Chatham – Kent Museum, ON. 2003 “Christian Cardell Corbet – A Decade of Work” 1993 – 2003, Ajax Public Library, ON

1999 Margaret Atwood Idea – Idea”, W. 4th Studio, BC. 

1997 Artropolis Browser”, Roundhouse Gallery, BC. 

1996 A Queen’s Painter”, Argyle Gallery, BC. 

1995 A Royal Painting”, Park Royal Gallery, BC. 

1995 “A Royal Painting”, BC Children’s Hospital, BC. 


2016 “At Last. On Active Service: The Great European War”, Naval Museum of Halifax, Halifax, NS, Canada. 2016 “A Sailor’s Life” Battle of the Atlantic, Naval Museum of Halifax, Halifax, NS, Canada.  

2014 “FIDEM XXIII – The 2014 Congress of FIDEM, University Museum of Bergen”, Sophia, Bulgaria. 2012 “FIDEM XXII- The 2012 Congress of FIDEM, Hunterian Museum”, Glasgow, Scotland. 

2012 “WRENS 70th Commemorative Anniversary Exhibition”, travelling exhibition, Ottawa, ON. 2012 “Hooked Between Two Islands – Guernsey and Newfoundland Hand Hooked Rugs”, Arts & Culture Centre, NL. 2011 “Canadian Portrait Academy 14th Annual Anniversary Exhibition. 

2011 “Hooked Between Two Islands – Guernsey Newfoundland Hooked Rugs”, The National Trust of Guernsey, Guernsey, CI. 2010 “Canadian Portrait Academy 13th Annual Anniversary Exhibition – “Pride Without Prejudice”, Arts & Culture Centre, NL

2010 “FIDEM XXI – The 2010 Congress of FIDEM, Tampere Museum”, Finland. 


2008 Artist-in-Residence Grenfell Interpretation Centre. 

1995 City of Port Alberni, BC. 

1995-98 Artist in Residence, North Vancouver School Board, BC. 


(Life sittings unless otherwise noted) 

1995 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother – (Authorized) 

1997 Rt. Hon. Ellen Fairclough CM – First Woman Federal Cabinet Minister in Canada 

1997 Dr. Jean Coulthard CM – Composer 

1997 Chief Dan George – (Authorized Posthumous) 

1998 Roberta Bondar – Astronaut 

1998 Hon Pauline McGibbon OC, Lt. Gov of Ontario 

1998 Dr. Sigmund Freud – Authorized posthumous 

1998 Margaret Atwood CC, O. ON, FRSC 

1999 Col. George Stanley C.M.-Lt. Governor of New Brunswick and Designer of the Canadian Flag 1999 Dorothy Livesay-Poet & Women’s Rights Activist 

1999 Jane Addams-Nobel Peace Prize Laureate – (Authorized Posthumous) 

1999 Odette Churchill-M.B.E., G.C.-WW II Hero – (Authorized Posthumous) 

1999 Louis Riel – Metis Leader – (Posthumous) 

1999 Sir Hugh Casson-Architect 

1999 Doris McCarthy-Landscape Artist 

1999 Dame Jane Goodall, Ph.D., C.B.E. D.B.E.-Anthropologist 

2000 Jan Arden-Singer & Songwriter 

2000 Dr. Charles Comfort-Artist and Director-The National Gallery of Canada – (Authorized Posthumous) 2001 Rev. Josiah Henson (Uncle Tom) – (Posthumous) 

2001 Celia Franca-Founder, National Ballet of Canada 

2003 H C Chadderton, CC, O ONT, O StJ, CLJ, CAE, DCL, LLD-CEO War Amputations of Canada 2005 Ernest “Smoky” Smith, Victoria Cross Winner – (Authorized Posthumous) 

2006 Beryl A. MacDonald, Supreme Court Justice of Nova Scotia (Family Division) 

2006 Sir Charles Tupper-Prime Minister of Canada – (Authorized Posthumous) 

2006 Michael Bahri-Felon, last man hanged in Canada – (Authorized Posthumous) 

2007 Premier Hon. Roger Bacon, Nova Scotia 

2008 Sir Winston Churchill, KG, OM, CH, TD, PC, DL, FRS, Hon. RA – (Authorized Posthumous) 2009 Hon. Bill Graham, PC, QC, LLD, LLM, LLB-Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of National Defence, Liberal Party Leader 2009 Sir Geoffrey Rowland, Bailiff of Guernsey, Royal Courts, Guernsey, Channel Islands 

2009 The Rt. Hon. The Countess Mountbatten of Burma, CBE, MSC, CD, JP, DL 

2010 General James Wolfe – (Authorized Posthumous) 

2010 Charles Darwin – (Authorized Posthumous) 

2010 Admiral Sir Charles Edmund Kingsmill-Founder and first Director of the Royal Canadian Navy – (Authorized Posthumous) 2011 Oscar Niemeyer – Architect 

2011 Rise Stevens – Opera and Movie Star 

2011 Sir Isaac Brock – (Authorized Posthumous) 

2011 Walter Seymour Allward, Sculptor of Vimy Ridge Memorial – (Authorized Posthumous) 

2011 Pte. Thomas Lawless-WWI Canadian Soldier – (Authorized Posthumous) 

2012 Captain Adelaide Helen Grant Sinclair, OC, OBE, Hon LLD – (Authorized Posthumous) 

2012 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II – (Authorized) 

2013 His Royal Highness The Prince Philip KG KT 

2013 His Royal Highness The Prince Edward, Duke of Kent 

2013 Vice-Admiral Ralph L. Hennessy, DSC, CD, BA, RCN (Ret’d), Hon. CPA 

2014 Lieutenant-General Roméo Antonius Dallaire, OC CMM GOQ MSC CD 

2015 Andrew Douglas Alexander Thomas Bruce, 11th Earl of Elgin and 15th Earl of Kincardine, KT, CD, DL, JP 2015 Dr. Brenda Milner, CC, GOQ, FRS, FRSC 

2015 Farley Mowat, OC 

2016 J. A.D. McCurdy, MBE – (Authorized Posthumous) 

2016 King Robert the Bruce – (Authorized Posthumous sanctioned by Lord Elgin) 

2016 General Jonathan Vance, CMM, MSC, CD, Chief of Defense Staff 

2016-21 The Right Honourable, Beverley McLachlin, PC, Chief Justice of Canada 

2018 H C Chadderton, CC, O ONT, O StJ, CLJ, CAE, DCL, LLD-CEO War Amputations of Canada

2020 Professor Paul Murdin-Co-Discovered the Black Hole – (Authorized) 2021 Alexander Graham Bell – (Authorized Posthumous) 


2018 Government of Ontario 

2018 McGill University 

2018 Government House Manitoba 

2018 Government House British Columbia 

2017 Garfield Weston Educational Foundation 

2017 Stirling Smith Art Gallery & Museum, Scotland 

2016 Government of Newfoundland & Labrador 

2016 Canadian Centre for the Great War 

2016 Government House Nova Scotia 

2015 Crown Collection 

2015 Canadian Museum of History 

2014 National Museum of Ireland 

2014 Royal Collection 

2013 The Royal Canadian Regiment 

2013 Government House New Brunswick 

2012 Naval Museum of Halifax 

2012 Natural History Museum, UK 

2012 Riverbrink Art Museum, Canada 

201 Nacional Historical Museum, Brazil 

2011 Canadian War Museum 

2011 Amnesty International 

2011 Supreme Court of Canada 

2011 48th Highlanders pf Canada Regiment, Regimental Senate Collection 2011 United Nations Headquarters 

2011 Brock University (8 works) 

2011 National Museum of Australia 

2011 Darwin State Museum, The Museum of Natural History, Russia 2011 Quebec House, UK 

2011 Department of National Defence, Canada 

2010 Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands 

2010 Hungarian National Museum, Hungary 

2010 Tampere Art Museum, Finland (6 works) 

2010 The National War and Resistance Museum of The Netherlands 2010 American Numismatic Society, USA 

2010 Wilfred Laurier University, Canada 


1995 Collection of the late Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, UK 

1999 Dr. Jane Goodall, UK 

2009 Lady Mary Soames, (daughter of Sir Winston Churchill) 

2018 Hon. Beverley McLachlin 


2012 “Swedish Artist Carl Kohler” – Huffington Post. 

2011 Hooked Between Two Islands – Guernsey and Newfoundland Hand Hooked Rugs – Newfoundland’s History, The National  Trust of Guernsey, Guernsey, CI. 

2010 “Sir Isaac Brock Forensic Facial Analysis” 

2010 “Swedish Artist Carl Köhler”, The Irving K. Barber Learning Centre Library, The University of British Columbia. 2009 “Denys Corbet Chronology”, Canadian Art Publications. 


2016 “Canada’s First Pilot Commemorated in Nova Scotia” Royal Canadian Air Force. 

2016 Crow’s Nest, Royal Canadian Navy. 

2014 “International Exhibition of contemporary medals, Art Medal World Congress, FIDEM XXXIII 2014 SOFIA, Bulgaria.” 2012 “International Exhibition of contemporary medals, Art Medal World Congress, FIDEM XXXII Glasgow, Scotland.” 2012. 2011 “The Osteobiography and Facial Reconstruction of Avion I – DND Case Number 5090-25” – Technical Report; Andrew J.  Nelson, PhD Associate Dean, Research Faculty of Social Science, The University of Western Ontario.  2011 “American Numismatic Society”, “From the Collection Manager. 

2010 “Canadian Who’s Who – 100th Anniversary Ed.”. 


2012 Renewed /New Honourific Title of “Sculptor for the Royal Canadian Navy”. 

2014 Present – Patron – British Monarchist Foundation. 

2015 Bestowed Honourific Title of “Regimental Sculptor” for The Royal Canadian Regiment as officially declared by Col. WJ  Aitchison and presented by HRH Prince Edward, Duke of Kent at Canada House, UK. 


2013 Awarded Honourary Life Membership of the Friends of the Priaulx Library, Guernsey, C.I. 2013 Special Message from Prime Minister of Canada on unveiling of HRH The Prince Philip portrait bust. 2013 Citation from Premier Kathleen Wynne, Government of Ontario on unveiling of HRH Duke of Edinburgh portrait. 2013 Citation from Speaker of the Senate Noel Kinsella on unveiling of HRH Duke of Edinburgh portrait. 2012 Awarded Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal. 

2012 Grant of Armourial Bearings (Coat of Arms and Badge), The Chancellery of Honours, Rideau Hall, Ottawa. 2012 Citation from the Minister of Culture and Heritage, James Moore on forensic reconstruction of General Sir Isaac Brock. 2011 Distinguished Guest, 48th Highlanders 120th Anniversary Dinner. 

2011 Guest of Honour at Royal Canadian Navy – HMCS Bytown Mess Dinner, Ottawa. 

2011 Citation from the Prime Minister of Canada on Official Unveiling of portrait sculpture of WWI soldier Pte. T. Lawless. 2008 Guest of Honour Churchill Society, Advancement of Parliamentary Democracy 25th Anniversary Gala. 2008 Honourary Lifetime Membership – Sir Wilfred Thomason Grenfell Historical Society, Canada. 2005 Corporate Award Partner, National Research Centre – Sulman Mummy Project, Canada. 


2021 First Canadian artist to sculpt Alexander Graham Bell as sanctioned by the Bell descendants or the Royal Canadian Navy. 2020 Co-Founded Artist-in-Residence Program with the Royal Canadian Navy 

2015 First Canadian artist to be collected by the Official Residences Crown Collection with portrait bust of HRH The Prince  Philip. 

To explore Corbet’s works further please visit the artists website at

To explore more Queer Contemporary Art please visit Balaclava.Q: CLICK HERE.

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