POOLSIDE EXPECTATIONS (2020) by Heinz Stoewer, 75x300cm, oil on canvas

Artist statement 

My annual stays in Palm Springs, California, and the way of life in this desert playground inspired me in all kinds of ways for my work as an artist. After a work series of mid-century buildings and pools I started to paint the most intriguing subject for me: male bodies. And I chose to work with oil colours on canvas as the perfect  medium. From time to time I do collages as well. 

TRUCKSTOP ON INTERSTATE 10 (2014), by Heinz Stoewer, 60x60cm,oil on canvas

I had always felt that the depiction of the male body is underrepresented in art and wanted to work change this. Starting with torsos and details of male bodies in speedos I explored more and more the possibilities of painting the male body and encounters between men.

BUTT-ORANGE SHIRT (2015), by Heinz Stoewer 80x80cm,oil on canvas

Believing that the naked male body is elegant, beautiful ,erotic and  aesthetically pleasing in a way that used to be reserved for the  female form, is the basis for this series. 

In my approach I like to place the male figure in very different  settings, telling stories of encounters between men or showing as  just a fraction of a body, sometimes intriguing, sometimes strange  or even frightening.

MEN’S ROOM (2016), by Heinz Stoewer 60x70cm,oil on canvas

And it is important and unique for my painting that eroticism and  sexuality are subtly integrated in the works and not the only  aspect. I’m always looking for the perfect environment with an  importance of its own.

WAITING (2016), by Heinz Stoewer, 102×207, oil on canvas

Thereby I play with abstractions and realistic parts to enhance the tensions of a work and make it more interesting for the viewer. As a starting point I explore the flood of photos we see in social  media and the internet, acknowledging the growing influence of  those images on everybody’s personal life and our perception of our own body. As difficult this may be in the straight world I realize that this is even more so in gay life. 

WET SPEEDO (2018) by Heinz Stoewer,40x40cm,oil on canvas

Looking at my paintings you can empathize and feel my fascination of the male body and enjoy the great variety of male encounters.

MAN ON A TRUNK (2018) by Heinz Stoewer, 120x80cm,oil on canvas
TORSO # 5 (2019) by Heinz Stoewer, 40x40cm, oil on canvas
LEGENDS OF THE FALL (2020) by Heinz Stoewer, oil on canvas
VEILING # 4 (2020) by Heinz Stoewer, 100x80cm, oil on canvas

Heinz Stoewer lives + works in Bad Tölz, Germany and Palm Springs, CA, USA  born 1955 in Frankfurt/Main, (Germany). 

Art studies 

2013+2014 Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts 2004 – 2007 workshops at Reichenhaller academy, Bad Reichenhall, Germany 2002 – 2005 Free painting, Esslingen art academy, Germany 

Since 2006 solo and group shows in Germany, Austria, USA and Russia, i.e.: 

Solo Exhibitions

2020 ‘I can see clearly now’, Kunsttreff Moosach, Munich, Germany 2019 ‘too hot to move’, Halle 50 Domagkstudios, Munich, Germany 2018 ‘Retrospect’, Gallery Huber, Munich, Germany 

2017 ‘(im-)possible temptations’, Townmuseum Bad Tölz, Germany 2016 ‘imagination’, Seeforum, Rottach-Egern, Germany 

2014 ‘paintings.’, TölzerKunstsalon Patrizia Zewe, Bad Tölz, Germany 2011 Gallery im Ackerbürgerhaus, Nürtingen, Germany 

Winzerhof Gallery, Ebringen, Germany 

2010 Artroom Gallery, Düsseldorf, Germany 

Group Exhibitions: 

2019 ‘stir it up’, Elsa Artspace, Bielefeld, Germany 

Weilheim Artfair, Germany 

‘diversidad’, Jagerhaus, Gmund a.Tegernsee, Germany 

2018 ‘transparent’, Kunstverein Rosenheim, Germany 

‘show up 5’, Artstudio Hoppe, Braunschweig, Germany 

Bayrischzell art exhibition, Bayrischzell, Germany 

2017 ‘Augenblicke’, Seeforum, Rottach-Egern, Germany 

Tegernsee art exhibition, Tegernsee, Germany 

‘close up-class Norbert Bisky reloaded’, Kunstquartier, Osnabrück, Germany Weilheim Artfair, Germany 

2016 ‘Zeitflüsse II’, Kulturverein Achenkirch, Austria 

‘Männer’, Kunstkreis Gräfelfing, Germany 

2015 ‘Pop-up painting’, Schillerpalais, Berlin, Germany 

2014 ‘Summer 2014’, Atom Gallery, Irkutsk, Russia 

2013 ‘Fifty shades of great’, Archangel Gallery, Palm Springs ,USA Gallery of the artists, Munich, Germany 

2012-2014 ’99 bucks sale, Palm Springs art museum, Palm Springs, USA 2010+2011 Art prize exhibition, Sparkasse Karlsruhe, Germany

BEEFCAKE (2019) by Heinz Stoewer, collage

To learn more about Stoewer and their work please use the links below:

Artist Website: https://www.heinzstoewer.de/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/heinzstoewerofficial/photos/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/heinzstoewer/?hl=en

Works in progress by Heinz Stoewer (Image source: Instagram)

To view more queer contemporary art please CLICK HERE.


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