J.C. Bybee – Varsity – Cyanotype on paper

Introducing annual art exhibition titled Visibility which takes place at Idaho State University (USA). The exhibition will be on display in the compARTment Gallery from November 2nd through the 19th, 2020. The compARTment Gallery is located on the top floor of the Fine Arts Building #11 RM408 and is opened to the public from noon to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Nikyra Capson – Life Online – Screen printing on fabric
William Bybee – Arschficker – Ink on canvas
Helen O’Hara – Broken Heart – Acrylic on canvas
Heather Bjornlie – Common Ground: Bound by Persecution
Gilbert Baker – Pride Flag (replica) – Nylon
Exhibition poster

Curator J.C. Bybee kindly shares a walkaround of the the exhibition: click here to view the walkthrough. For further information about the Visibility show please click here.

To explore more queer contemporary art please visit

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