Santiago Estellano was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. He studied computer art in the US in 1999 and graduated as a graphic designer in 2001 in Uruguay. Since 2008, Santiago has been living in Buenos Aires, attended to photography and graphic design workshops at the University of Bs. As., CCR and took engraving classes with Clara Ezcurra.

In 2011, he finished the 4 years painting studies by Roux Foundation. He showed his works at Pinta Miami Art Fair in 2014 and 2015. Assisted during 2015 and 2016 to art analysis and clinic with Alejandra Roux and Sergio Bazan. He is part of Sociedad Argentina de Collage since 2019. Santiago works and lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

SHELTER, digital collage, 80x53cm, 2020 by Santiago Estellano
HOUSE OF KINGS, digital collage, 68x45cm, 2019 by Santiago Estellano

FLOWERS, digital collage, 69 x 110cm, 2020 by Santiago Estellano
GIRLS, digital collage, 40x55cm, 2019 by Santiago Estellano 
EXIT, digital collage, 54 x75cm, 2019 by Santiago Estellano

You can purchase and explore Estellano’s works on the artists website and Instagram.

To explore more queer contemporary art please visit


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