Porcuboy_2020_Matt Gale
PORCUBOY (2020) by Matt Gale
Trembling_2019_Matt Gale
TREMBLING (2019) by Matt Gale
Version 2
ONCE YOU’VE SEEN ONE (2019) by Matt Gale


Matt Gale is a British born artist who grew up in Southern California and trained as a biologist before studying for a MA in Fine Art. His practice focuses on queering commonly held perceptions of what is ‘natural’.


SOMA (Image 1) by Matt Gale
SOMA (Image 2) by Matt Gale

Recent work explores wearable sculpture and the vulnerability of queer bodies, examining symbols that convey power or protection. He is also curious about the different vulnerabilities that arise within queer spaces and relationships, such as negotiating intimacy and power dynamics.


Version 2
UNTITLED (2020) by Matt Gale
UNTITLED (2020) by Matt Gale
UNTITLED (2020) by Matt Gale


To explore Gale’s works further please visit Instagram and the artists website.  Gale also collaborates with Daniel Fountain on curatorial project titled Queerly Made in which the couple examine queer approaches to materials and practices.  To learn more about this project please CLICK HERE.


To explore more queer contemporary a rt please visit


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