The Queer Visual Narratives of Mario Patiño



Periphery of the Body: The visual narratives of Mexico based Mario Patiño.


How to speak of the periphery? Peripheral is all that gets out of control, that corrupts
a system, that lives on the edge, that adheres to the margins, that puts in doubt, that
causes questioning, that rebels, that revolutionizes, that rises, that organizes
insurrections, it’s everything that doesn’t fit, that resists, that refuses to play the
game by the rules, it’s the possibility of change, of something new.


2019 (2)



Peripheral is the abject, what causes a deep fear of the hegemonic, it’s the outrage,
the putsch, the outbreak, what’s wanted hidden, of what’s not spoken, the forbidden,
the taboo, the obnoxious, the stigma, the demoniac, the stain that never comes off.
Peripheral is the work of art of Mario Patiño.


2018 (3)

.2018 (2)


.2017 (6)


Mario, behind the canvas or the camera, as a butterfly hunter, catches in his images
what cannot be stated without help of the imaginary. He makes the image incarnate,
beat and move. His repertory takes us to a journey through a surrealism lost in time,
giving us a poetic alphabet ranging from cannibal virgins, poisoned trannies, altered
altars, peacock queens and phosphorescent junkies, bucolic scenes full of glitter and
lipstick, codices of indigenous and futuristic bodies which intercept each other in a
visual odyssey that allows to dispute all the established, the boundaries between
race and gender, extending the possibilities of beauty in contemporary drama,
between the inspiration of the eternal and the digital post-edit.


2017 (5)

.2017 (4)

.2017 (3)

.2017 (2)



I see Mario, a hermit with an astrolabe, as a body hijacker, a grave robber, capturing
(with the help of performance artists like Lukas Avendaño, Anúk Guerrero, Julio
Láudano, among many others) some of the most powerful images that represent
them. They lend their body to let Mario’s camera and mind enter and possess them,
in a sort of exchange similar to the sacredness. If performance art in Mexico 2015
remains being unusual, performance art photographers are even more so. Only a
few photographers can translate pure artistic phenomenon of the ephemeral in an
enduring image without risking its components. Mario achieves this while he
potentiates the traits of these images to the infinite. For a performance artist like me,
the work of artists such as Mario is of utmost importance, as they are the post-
modern troubadours of what happens in the strange world of the artistic ritual, they
let us to live through the stories their photographs tell, which then become a
talisman that transmit the germ of what happened.


“Periphery of the body” by Mario Patiño transcends the archive to transform it into
a dynamic scrapbook, into lively and vibrant anecdotes.


Lechedevirgen Trimegisto | Translated into English by Sorshamn Lara


2016 (5)

.2016 (4)

.2016 (3)

.2016 (2)



.2015 (4)

.2015 (3)


You can explore and purchase Mario Patiño’w works on Artliste.


To explore more queer contemporary art please visit



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