Miguel Nochair on Art as the Solution to Navigating the Anesthesia of the Modern World

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Why do you make art?

I make it because it’s part of my soul. 

It helps me stay clean from drugs, it helps me voice the problem so I can find a solution.  It helps me show the hurt, the beauty, the sadness, the anger of my world and the hope I have for those around the world — suffering in it, instead of just — living in it.


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Do you expect your audience to react or feel something in particular?

I’d lie if I said I don’t want validation and love because I’m afraid to die alone. 

Love me, god damn it!

But I go past the self-centeredness and I want them to see what they need to see to feel, to get out of the anesthesia of our modern world, in whichever way it takes, even if they truly hate it.

I’ll tear them a new one if they try to bully me but at least, they will have felt.

We need to feel.



How your work relates to queer themes or concerns?

I was that c*nt wanting only virile masculine men and deadly afraid of making love to a HIV positive person. I am not that person anymore (active addiction in all its misery and destruction actually opened my eyes on that subject).

Now I’d go on the streets to demonstrate against any phobia.

I let my feminine side out and I own it. 



I buy duvet covers aimed at little girls, proudly wear my Pokemon underwear to hook up with a man and wear my Sailor Moon t-shirt and I am part of a polyamorous relationship with a daddy bear.

My only drawback is I’m an extremely binary cisgendered male, but I fight for a better world…  And I hope my art can help with that.

Because, like a good clichéd struggling artist, I sure have no money to help.

There are as many types of love and sexuality as there are people in the world.

My work is how I relate to it, how I project it and an ideal I wish to attain with my life’s journey. 




To explore Nochair’s works further on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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To explore more queer contemporary art please visit www.balaclavadotq.net.



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