Magical Vagina (1)
Magical Vagina.  Ink Drawing.  2018


Art has always been part of my world.  For me it is how I understand and process my life and communicate most successfully.

My work is about my observations on life; hopes, dreams, regrets and reflection.  With my drawings I am trying to encourage people (and to remind myself!) to live vivaciously, to love deeply and to be appreciative of the beauty in our world.  Honouring the simple moments of our complex fleeting lives.


Hidden face photo (1)
Photograph of Victoria Shone


I find drawing the quickest way to convey my ideas.  Saying the things I would love to, if only I found the spoken word as easy to communicate with.  Since graduating from my Fine Art Degree I have used various mediums, however, I always return to the same themes. It is the strength and beauty of the fragmented human spirit, and our relationships with each other and our world that I constantly want to explore.


strong women
Strong Women.  Ink Drawing.  2018


Lately (1)
Lately. Ink Drawing. 2016
Wonder Always (1)
Wonder Always. Ink Drawing. 2017
Put your crown on copy (1)
Put you crown on. Ink Drawing. 2017
Full Scholarship. Ink Drawing. 2017
Would you still be beautiful copy (1)
Would you still be beautiful. Ink Drawing. 2017
I am me (red)
I am me (red). Ink Drawing. 2017
Expiry date (1)
Expiry Date. Ink Drawing. 2017
Lighthouses copy
Lighthouses. Ink Drawing. 2016
I had a terrible dream (1)
I had a terrible dream. Ink Drawing. 2017
One thing on my mind (1)
One thing on my mind. Ink Drawing. 2017


Two new pieces by Shone for 2020 are respectively titled ‘What’s Her Name?’ and What’s His Name?’ – two pieces whereby the artist made a call out  for participation whereby participants were asked to reveal and consider other names commonly used for male and female genitalia.  A great way to demystify and humanise sex talk.

WHAT’S HER NAME? by Victoria Shone
What's his name
WHAT’S HIS NAME? by Victoria Shone


You can explore and purchase Shone’s works on the following platforms:

FacebookInstagram and at


All images were kindly supplied by the artist.

Please contact the artist before using them.

Thank you.

To explore more queer contemporary art please visit



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