What does Balaclava.Q mean to you?

“Balaclava.Q is freedom, creativity, sense of accomplishment and enormous energy.” – Aaron Moth (2017)




Aaron Moth is the artistic alter ego of Mateusz Tomczyk, born 1991, polish collage and stage designer, fascinated by American photography of the 1960s and 1970s, nudity, eroticism and queer art. His creative energy derives from Berlin, where he is about to move in the near future. He has worked as a production designer for the Whatever Queer Festival in Warsaw.


The beginning of collage work usually begins for Aaron in the same way: from visiting antique shops. As he says, he can look at old books and albums for hours looking for a perfect illustration that would fit in the background. Each of his collages is created on the original page, so that each work is exceptional and unique. The next step is to go deep into the carefully digitized archives of erotic and pornographic magazines dating from the 1960s to the early 1990s. In Moth’s work you can find fragments of photographs from different years, but the artist himself admits that he values erotica and pornography the most in the 1960s and 1970s. This is due to its plasticity and its characteristic style, both in terms of the way it is photographed and the selection of the models, the latter heroes of his collage. The next step is cutting and tearing, combining the background with the selected character and finding additional items from newspapers, magazines or coloured papers. In his work, Aaron uses a palette of colours that is limited to only a few colours, and although the works are predominantly grey, he does not shy away from strong colour accents. The last step in working on a collage is to combine everything together. Preparing one collage takes him, depending on the complexity of the composition, from several minutes to several days.




Aaron Moth is aware that his work may be controversial, especially in the country where he lives and works now. But as he admits, he has been a rebel since childhood, he likes risks and walks his own paths: Poland is not so open and tolerant country like most of Western Europe. Recently, it intensified in our reality that if you are “different”, then better do not show it. Unfortunately, Poland is still a very conservative and Catholic country full of homophobia, xenophobia and racism.

Aaron Moth assumes that since today the image of a naked woman is nothing provocative, male nudity should also get out of the taboo zone. Aaron’s works portray the masculine world, which, despite its strong presence in culture and tradition in the past, has for centuries been pushed aside the mainstream. Through his collages, fragments of erotic photographs and references to ancient Greece, Aaron Moth restores the memory of submissive mortals and all-powerful gods, charming young men and their hairy guardians.

Naked we all look very alike. An indispensable element of our lives is the sexual zone. Most of us masturbate, watch porn or have sex. I believe that sexual act is one of the most beautiful experiences that connecting two people, so why not to show it by creating art? Sex between two men for much of society still remains a taboo subject. And there is nothing more male than this act!” – he confesses.


Although in his work Aaron Moth uses mostly erotic and pornographic pictures, thanks to the technique of collage, he creates a new, more sensual quality that, he says, allows me to show my nature, what I am, what I dream, what I want and who I desire? I think that without these emotions and desires I would not be able to create satisfactory works.









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